Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Needing Foreign Documents for Passport

Many diplomatic missions around the world will require a raft of documents to help process applications for foreign nationals to enter their country, such as a migrant visa or to buttress a case for citizenship. The problem, however, is that some specific paper(s) have no ready equivalent in the subject country’s main language, thus outlining a need for certified translation services to work on them. Some papers are highly critical to the success of the application.

Birth Certificates
No visa or passport application is complete without the applicant’s birth certificate/s. If the paper was drafted in the applicant’s primary language but not in English, your preferred translation will help convert the file into English. It is important that both long- and short-form versions of the birth certificate are translated, as the immigration officers of the host country will compare both forms for inconsistencies. The papers will be declared valid if they have your name, date and place of birth, parents’ full names and official seals from the accredited translator. 

Prepare to submit copies of the data in your present and existing passport. Translations will be needed, as not all passports may have their content headings in both English and the original language.

Being able to submit fully translated versions of documents from your home country can be a way to convince the country you intend to visit of your willingness to follow its rules. Get started on the applications now.

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