Monday, 17 August 2015

Professional Transcription Services: An Overview

Reputable translation/transcription agencies always adopt the services of fully trained professionals to guarantee that all translations and transcriptions are accurate and well written.

A word on transcription
The act of writing down spoken words is called transcription—a simple enough term that often entails a highly specific environment, such as a court-room or conference room, where specialist language is used. Hence, the requirement for skilled professional transcribers who are familiar with the type of language used and have the necessary preparation to deliver a fast and precise transcription.

Audio transcription services in London
Professional transcriptions are error-free, smooth-flowing and precise. Trained professionals transcribe from every type of media: audio files, digital files, CD, DVD, on-line, recordings of meetings, events, etc. Transcribers often work in different languages; naturally they are mother-tongue professionals. Good quality sound files are crucial as they facilitate transcription, enabling transcription agencies to provide prompt, accurate service.

Business/medical/legal/academic transcriptions
Businesses, particularly in London, make ample use of transcription services. Conferences, meetings, company events, etc. all need to be recorded and a printed version made available for consultation. Medical conferences and presentations, meanwhile, are of interest to all in the medical profession so transcriptions of these events are essential. Often, interested parties need transcriptions of court hearings and trials. Also, the academic world has frequent need of transcriptions. Indeed, many university lectures are recorded and transcribed for study purposes.

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